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Our Members

Full Name: Dave MacCready

Rank: Chief

Email: info@welsfordvfd.com

Full Name: Don Lyon

Rank: Captain

Email: dlyon@welsfordvfd.com

Full Name: Glenn Rich

Rank: Deputy Chief

Email: grich@welsfordvfd.com

Full Name: Jake Lyon

Rank: Lieutenant

Email: jlyon@welsfordvfd.com

Full Name: Don Rankin

Rank: Lieutenant

Email: drankin@welsfordvfd.com

Full Name: Troy Carhart

Rank: Lieutenant

Email: tcarhart@welsfordvfd.com

Full Name: Philp McKenzie

Rank: Firefighter

Email: pmckenzie@welsfordvfd.com

Full Name: Justin McKenzie

Rank: Firefighter

Email: jmckenzie@welsfordvfd.com

Full Name: Jamie VanTassel

Rank: Firefighter

Email: jvantassel@welsfordvfd.com

Full Name: J.R. Nutter

Rank: Firefighter

Email: jrnutter@welsfordvfd.com

Full Name: Josh Rich

Rank: Firefighter

Email: jrich@welsfordvfd.com

Full Name: Justin Harnum

Rank: Firefighter

Email: jharnum@welsfordvfd.com

Full Name: Sean Prosser

Rank: Firefighter

Email: sprossor@welsfordvfd.com

Full Name: John London

Rank: Firefighter

Email: jlondon@welsfordvfd.com

Full Name: Steven McAleer

Rank: Firefighter

Email: smcaleer@welsfordvfd.com

Full Name: Cait Bartlett

Rank: Firefighter

Email: cbartlett@welsfordvfd.com

Full Name: Paul O'Brien

Rank: Firefighter

Email: pobrien@welsfordvfd.com

Full Name: Barb Shannon

Rank: Honorary Member

Email: bshannon@welsfordvfd.com

The Welsford Volunteer Fire Department

through professionalism, dedication and integrity will provide optimum protection and prevention within our means for our residents and visitors, maintaining a proud community with a strong sense of safety and security by investing in training, education, staffing and equipment.

Call 911 for Emergencies

Welsford Fire Department 619 Eagle Rock Road, Welsford NB, E5K 3Y7

Tel: (506)-486-2100