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Dec 12, 2016   announcements  

Welsford fire completes mandated training

Being a volunteer firefighter is extremely rewarding, but it also requires dedication and commitment.  There is a lot of training that a volunteer firefighter must undergo over time.  Recently, as a result of your support in voting in favor of adding Non-fire related rescue to our mandate in order to serve you better, we have completed medical and remote rescue training.  Immediately following the vote in July, your firefighters began a long and arduous training session.  August 13th we began our Medical first responder training.  This is a 40 hour advanced first aid course that was ran every Monday night. This course covers everything from packaging injured victims, to oxygen therapy and the use of AED's.  Overlapping slightly in Nov we started out Basic Remote Rescue course Levels 1 & 2.  This course covers anything off road specializing in slope rescue with ropes and knots.  You can visit our facebook page with pics of all that training.

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